“Smart, different and compelling…
An educational journey about money and the planet we should all go on
What’s different about this movie is the time and effort that is put into understanding the money flows – it’s an essential education.”

Andy Ridley

Co-Founder Earth Hour, and Managing Director, Circle Economy

“Your movie is stunning”

Sarah Mc Dermott Jain

Princeton Independent Film Festival, Circle Economy

“Honored to be part of powerfull new film on #climatechange & sustainability. “

Michael Mann

Distinguished Prof Meteorology, Penn State University

“Last night was beautiful… After the movie individuals got up one by one, until the whole theatre was up in a standing ovation. There was nothing normal about it… Each one was deeply touched, and you could see how they searched their hearts before coming to their feet and applauding as if for an extraordinary symphony. Thank you Renee Scheltema for sharing with us and touching our lives with your gift!”

Mariette Hurter

“A well arranged narrative that touches the heart of the challenges we face in our Society. Worthwhile, inspiring & strongly recommended.”

Jeroen Timmers

“Giving is all we have”

The film is outstanding !

Wouter van Dieren

Club of Rome

“This film is a must see for everyone, but especially anyone who needs proof that we are in unchartered territory—already!”

Betsy Rosenberg, Author Huffington Post, Veteran CBS radio anchor

“..truly a work of art!  Most important of all, your work has helped to raise awareness on the issues of global decline”

Vince Siciliano

President and CEO, New Resource Bank

“A catalyst for changing the world, and a must for every decision maker in this world”.

Prof Michael Braungart

Co-founder, Cradle-2-Cradle.

“The labor truly shows; it is clear how massive of an undertaking this film was”

Jesse Swigonski

Wild&Scenic Film Festival, US

The making of this film must have absorbed you totally for many years and I truly congratulate you. It is a wake-up call and highly educational. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Loving greetings,
Natalia Baker

Public speaker, Author

There are many films out there, this one stands above the others for its systems-thinking and solutions approach.” Elizabeth Ferguson Phd & Jeremy Lent

Author, “Giving is all we have”

“I saw Normal is Over at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. I asked the question about showing on BBC, PBS, etc. and whether one could donate on your Website. Your film was my vote for Audience Favorite.
I’ve attended ..many.. film festivals, and I can’t think of a film that has impressed me as much as yours did, nor received a standing ovation. Not just the film itself, but the whole story behind its making and bringing it to the screen. You have my heartfelt thanks and admiration. I hope you’re able to get for it the wide distribution that it deserves.”

Steve Nicola

Biologist California Department of Fish and Wildlife

I am speechless, so touched, it has been the single most life changing (mentality changing) bit of media I have seen. It’s super powerful, and this WILL do well.

Marina Evans

keystone farm girl.

-“A film about the drama and above all hope.
It made me very happy” “It’s a movie the world should see.”

Rolf Schuttenhelm

Friends of The Earth

-“Finally a film about solutions!” -Claire
-“Intense”- Alessandra
-“I really like it and would love to share the film with global campaigners”


“Your movie is wonderful and so timely..It is a powerful and very honest/direct look at the state of things… “

-Rev. Billy

Church of Stop Shopping

“Thank you for your all your efforts. It’s the most intelligent look at the ecological mess we are in that I’ve seen to date. And certainly raises hard questions for us all.

- Barbara Michelman


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