We’re excited to announce that in the US, we teamed up with Gathr Films to make it easy and bring Normal Is Over to your local Theatre, Community Center or campus.


Become a Movie Captain & Host your own screening

Hosting a screening is easy: just pick the date, time, and theater where you want to host your screening and, Gathr Films will set everything up for you. You don’t have to pay any screening room rental or exhibition fee – all you have to do is help promote the film and get people to reserve tickets!

Sign up below to become a Movie Captain for Normal Is Over The Movie.

How Does It Work?

  1. You request a screening of Normal Is Over in your city and pick preferred Dates, Venue and Time
  2. Gathr confirms the screening with theater and handles all of the event logistics
  3. You promote the event to your community to get individuals to reserve tickets
  4. REMEMBER: Screenings only happen if a minimum number of people reserve their tickets online in advance. This means you can’t wait until the night of the showing to get your tickets—you have to get your tickets now if you want this film to come to your town.

It’s free to sign up to host a screening and you get two comped tickets to your event

You can make your Theatrical On Demand screening a fundraiser with Gathr’s donation tools.

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